Studio format is the online portfolio and creative platform of Christos Bourantas and George Farazis. We are both graduates of the Architecture School of the National Technical University of Athens and currently work as freelancers.

For the past years, we have been working on numerous projects, collaborating with several architects, interior designers, engineers, students and others, offering high quality imagery and design ideas for exteriors, interiors, architectural presentations, competitions etc.

Our work mainly consists of photorealistic architectural visualization, although we have been thoroughly experimenting on other or complementary media, such as motion design/ 3d animation, conceptual design and video editing, utilizing various tools and techniques (CAD design, 3d modeling, photo/video editing software, hand drawn sketching etc).

We put a lot of effort on each work, constantly pushing our own expressive limits, in order to achieve original results and unique atmosphere in our renderings.

Δευτέρα, 26 Μαρτίου 2012

Barcelona 2011 - Tower in Gothic Quarter - Bohemian Hostel (competition entry)

The entry for the ARQUITECTUM competition for a 100-meter tower/hostel for backpackers. The site for the competition is located in the Plaza del MACBA, near the Museum of Contemporary Art designed by Richard Meier.

The proposition takes into acount three major axes orientated in three different directions, Sagrada Familia, Plaza dels Angels and the seafront. These axes target three different views within the city, thus providing the option for a rather diverse experience.

Following the desire for unhidered view, the common living spaces (lounge, dining, bar, kitchen etc) cover the lower levels of the building, while the acommondation compartments are pushed vertically, offering breathtaking views.

 The rooms are designed as single-volume units inserted in a large frame structure, a giant "scaffold", which evolves independently and follows the intention to form spaces with no columns within the tower. The merging of the strict box compartments with the more "sculptural" exterior provides diversity and interesting viewing areas between (or above) the compartments.

The external epidermis is also holded by the frame and it is a perforated lattice that permits or obscures the view of the inside, as well as the sunlight coming through, depending on the density of the perforation. 

The perception of the building changes during the day: a semi-transparent monolithic prism during daytime, an "x-rated version" during the night, when it is lit internally.
The overall design of the tower aims to fulfill its goal as a unique landmark, which is, at the same time, permeable, open and inviting.

final renderings and  presentation of the entry
presentation completed in April 2011
architects: Papaioannou D. & associates, Fotopoulou Fereniki, Bourantas Christos

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