Studio format is the online portfolio and creative platform of Christos Bourantas and George Farazis. We are both graduates of the Architecture School of the National Technical University of Athens and currently work as freelancers.

For the past years, we have been working on numerous projects, collaborating with several architects, interior designers, engineers, students and others, offering high quality imagery and design ideas for exteriors, interiors, architectural presentations, competitions etc.

Our work mainly consists of photorealistic architectural visualization, although we have been thoroughly experimenting on other or complementary media, such as motion design/ 3d animation, conceptual design and video editing, utilizing various tools and techniques (CAD design, 3d modeling, photo/video editing software, hand drawn sketching etc).

We put a lot of effort on each work, constantly pushing our own expressive limits, in order to achieve original results and unique atmosphere in our renderings.

Σάββατο, 16 Απριλίου 2011

auditorium complex NTUA, Athens, Greece

A new complex hosting 8 auditoriums.
The complex is structured around a main volume that hosts the large auditorium ( 300 seats), while on its left and on its right sides two fully glazed double height galleries seperate it from the two smaller volumes that are placed at each far end. The rooftop is planted, contibuting to the greenery of the surrounding enviroment, and offering insulation during summer and winter periods as well. the building is clad mostly with aluminum plates, while the volume that hosts the main entrance is clad with natural stone (cyprus travertine).
The overall design complies with the principles of ecological sustainability.

final renderings of the project
images completed in July 2010
architect: Papaioannou D. & associates

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